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Karen Miller writes another tear-jerker

You remember my review of Karen Miller's Star Wars: Clone Wars: Wild Space, right? I pointed out that Miller has everyone uncharacteristically cry in the book. So earlier this year, when I was wandering the local bookstore, I spotted the paperback version of Karen's original novel "Hammer of God" and, on a whim, flipped through the first few pages to see how quickly she--- and just that fast, her lead character was shedding tears within the first few pages.

Today I was once again at the local bookstore where I spotted Karen's newest book, "The Prodigal Mage." I took it down from the New Release shelf just to see how quickly she--- two sentences. Yes, two sentences in, "he cried" springs off the page. Apparently the hero of the story (I assumed he's the hero, I didn't investigate that far), asked his father if he could join him on a trip when he was six. When his "Da" said no, "he cried."

I swear, if Karen Miller wrote the novelization of The Searchers John Wayne would have beaten the indians by flooding the desert with his tears.

EDIT: Oh, and I saw the Star Wars Atlas book, and it's pretty darn amazing!
Tags: books, clone wars, movies, star wars

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