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Stuff to do on the internet

Need something to do to kill time this weekend? Well, you could create your own young-adult book cover. You could rearrange your name (or someone else's) into a useful pharse with this anagram generator. It gave me Naked Environs for my name, which I'm seriously considering using as a new title for this blog (An Ever Kind Son is also an anagram of my name, btw). Or you could help pay tribute to Calvins & Hobbes creator, Bill Watterson.

awww man I LOVE Calvin & Hobbes.

A few months ago I was helping my mom get rid of some old children's books we have in the basement and I found all of our Calvin & Hobbes books... no way would I ever get rid of them!

so yeah, instead of finishing sorting that night....
I re-read them all!! haha