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Another Song Title Meme

Comment on this post saying you want a letter - I'll give you one, then post to your journal your five favorite songs that begin with that letter - along with downloads if you like. Or music videos...whatever works. You can also comment without being hit with a letter, never fear!

jedishampoo gave me the letter M.

This wasn't easy, which doesn't explain the length of time it took for me to come up with this list, I just plain ole forgot about it. Plus I'm ultra-lazy, so I won't have any links or anything like that included. Sorry.

"Map of the Problematique" by Muse. Very fast-pace, kind of tense, sound to this rocker. I think the line "fear and panic in the air" pretty much heightens that tension. You've maybe heard it a few times in movie ads and trailers; Children of Men for one.

"Maybe Tomorrow" by Stereophonics. Nice, easy-going rhythm to this one. Upbeat, yet a little sad: "Maybe tomorrow, I'll find my way... home." There's a bit of a nice traveling vibe to it as well.

"Molossus" by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard. From the climatic scene in Batman Begins, this tune was used a lot in the ads and trailers for The Dark Knight.

"My Beautiful" by Lennon. Also known as "Where Do I Fit In" and my favorite song of hers. If she didn't have issues with her record company and if her first album didn't hit stores on 9/11/01, this might have been a modest hit.

"Mr. Brightside" by The Killers. A little bit snarky, a little bit paranoid, I liked it. Plus the porcelain-doll-looking chick in the video was pretty cute.
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