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POTC 4 has a Title!

I'm starting to think the D23 Expo would have been a pretty cool experience. Talk about the Marvel acquisition, Princess and the Frog (apparently they screened 30 minutes of the film), Prince of Persia, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and the Muppets!

Oh, and they announced the title for the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides. Apparently there's a book by the same name about pirates and the Fountain of Youth, so it may be related. Johnny/Jack was there to help make the announcement.

EDIT: And there's more!

From the D23 fan site, Johnny/Jack's appearance was right after an appearance by Kermit the Frog.

And just when you thought the morning couldn't get any better, the curtains on stage parted and there was good ol' Jack Sparrow, aka Johnny Depp in full costume, on his pirate ship, drunk as a skunk asking, "Has anyone else witnessed a talking frog? Where has the frog gone?" (Pirates of the Caribbean — On Stranger Tides is due in the summer of 2011.) The ecstatic screams and shouts from the fans were deafening — the perfect way to wrap up this unforgettable movie preview experience.

Plus our favorite computer repair guy (well, maybe not emmaorgana's, but he's a favorite to some of us), Zachary Levi is doing a voice for another Disney animated feature/musical based on Rapunzel. Thanks for the reminder, sache8. :)
More Disney-related fun: Zachary Levi is going to voice a principle character in Rapunzel which, as I understand, is a musical, so this means he'll be singing, yes? *GGG*

I think Princess and the Frog looks like a winner. The trailer makes me laugh more every time, and the animation looks gorgeous. I'm so glad they've not abandoned traditional animation forever.
Ah, yes, thanks for the reminder. That's almost old news compared to everything else I mentioned. :)
So... after all these years and some BITTER disappointment, I was still as giddy as a kid at Christmas seeing that picture you posted with a title and a date for the next PotC movie. *sigh* I'm easy. I know.

Also, that story about Jack wondering where Kermit had gone had me grinning like mad. I can just HEAR Johnny/Jack saying that... Thank you for sharing it.
You're welcome. :)

While my disappointment was probably not nearly as bitter as yours, I totally echo you.