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12 Fact you probably already know about Star Wars

So I click a link at that leads me to a list of "12 Facts About Star Wars You Probably Don't Know". Well being a relatively hardcore SW fan, I had heard every "fact" on the list, except for the #1 fact, which they call "Flying Coach."

Due to the limited budget the American cast members and crew (including George Lucas) all decided to fly coach class to England, rather than first class. When Carrie Fisher’s mother Debbie Reynolds heard about this she called George Lucas, complaining about how insulting it was for her daughter to be flying coach. Carrie Fisher was in the room with George Lucas when he took the call, and after a few minutes asked if she could talk to her mother. When George Lucas handed her the phone she simply said, “Mother, I want to fly coach, will you fuck off?!” and hung up. [IMDB]

Not that any of that surprised me, but I found it amusing. :)
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