knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Eureka season 4.0

Last night's season finale was very good. Another solid episode from the most consistent season in the series' history, imo. They pretty much used every set they had, brought back a few supporting characters we haven't seen in awhile (that's a Pilar reference in my icon) including Martha the teen-aged-killer-drone, featured a lot of face-sucking (surprisingly none from Jo and Zane in this episode), made a Close Encounters of the Third Kind reference, and even had a love-sick teenager manage to put the world in peril. I think Jo's, "I say eat the muffin" line was my favorite.

And not to spoil anything, but the episode didn't really have a cliffhanger ending! At least not in the traditional sense. Kinda has me worried that it could be a series ending episode. God-forbid if it is, but I think I'd be okay with it ending the way it did. Not happy, just okay.
Tags: eureka, television

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