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The Big Bang Theory Fan Fic Title Conundrum

After having watched all of season 2 of The Big Bang Theory over the weekend, I've been inspired to write what would basically be the opening segment (you know, the part before the intro song), but I'm having trouble coming up with a good title. It's essentially about Penny telling Leonard and Sheldon that she got a modeling job for a toy manufacturer (the fictitious Mercury Mitten) at a comic book convention, but she wants them to keep it a secret from Howard. "For my sanity and his safety," she'd tell them. If I tell you more it will spoil the story. :)

What do you folks think of the two I've thought up of, or do you have a better idea?

Poll #1460753 What should be the title of my BBT fic?

What should be the title of my BBT fic?

The Princess Penelope Problem
The Mercury Mitten Mystery
Other (please comment)
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