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Last week's television viewing.

Just a few quick comments on what I watched during premiere week last week.


I'm not thrilled with CBS putting Big Bang Theory after Three and a Half Men when clearly BBT is the more family-friendly of the two. That said, I saw a little of 3½, which was kinda amusing and the Eddie Van Halen cameo was okay, but I was really eager to see what would happen on BBT. I have to say it wasn't one of their better episodes, but it was alright. I think they could have exploited the fact that the nights at the North Pole are very short during the summer as a reason for some of the difficulties the boys had. The fact that Penny had actually gone and seen the Star Trek movie without the boys has got to have some sort of back-story. And while I'm happy she and Leonard finally hooked up, the fallout that it was "weird" should be interesting. Oh, and I think Harold should keep his mustache. While I don't usually watch CSI: Miami, I'm always up for good origin stories, and that one was okay.


There's a lot I could say about what I liked about NCIS, but there's just too much! Tony was AWESOME, telling the truth in a way only he can, the bad-guy is addicted to Caf-Pow, and that's how they found him, McGee play opossum, the attempted hiring of Zeva's replacement (I liked the third gal), and Tony's description of Gibbs as a "functional mute" was my favorite line of the night. "I did mention that he was a sniper, didn't I?" was my second. I liked NCIS: Los Angeles, too, but it was a little rough, plot-wise, I think. There are a bunch of new characters to get used to (even from their intro-episode on NCIS), so it will probably take awhile to figure everyone out. I like the Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J chemistry, and I'm sure a thousand slashy ships were launched last week.


I think I just watched baseball on Wednesday.


I'm really late to the Lost bandwagon, so I've decided to jump on the Flash Forward bandwagon early, and it looks like I'm going to be there for the next six months. Again, lots of new characters, so I'm not familiar with their names, but it looks like we've got a lot of compelling stories to follow. Why did this happen? Why were they out for two minutes and seventeen seconds? Why not just two minutes? Why not three? Why did they have memories of their future? What is behind it? Some terrorist organization? God? Who was that one person wandering around at Tigers Stadium in Detroit? How did that little boy know the doctor's name? Why does the doctor leave her FBI-agent husband for the little boy's father, Jack "Commodore Norrington" Davenport?" Who is hunting down the FBI-agent investigating the event? Why does the wife of the FBI-agent that's getting married (Harold of Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, I think) want to dance to "Islands in the Stream" by Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton at their wedding? Why was there a polar bear kangaroo hoping through downtown Los Angeles shortly after the event?

Then there was CSI which is off to its typical good start. I was surprised that the team wasn't exactly getting along very-well, but now that Nick has been promoted and Roy has been bumped up a level, things should get better. I was only slightly surprised that Riley was dropped, but I'm glad that Wendy and David have finally been named regulars. It will be nice to have Sarah back for a little while, at least. I always shipped her and Greg, so I'm hoping to see those two out on assignment together again.


Fridays are going to be a little complicated because I think Smallville and Clone Wars are going to be on at the same time. I guess that's okay because it's not hard to get up to speed after missing a half hour of Smallville, really. Anyway, Smallville was good. I liked see Clark with the S on his chest and pseudo-cape over his shoulders. I wasn't thrilled with the whole Tess/Zod stuff, which they could really do without. Brian Austin Green is suppose to become some new super-villain that I'm not familiar with, so his short stay on the show should be interesting. I'm still a little cheesed about Jimmy being dead, but I understand why Clark didn't go back in time to safe him for Chloe. And what's up with that ninja-super-chick anyways? I think she was the one burning the S into the walls and such, but my dad thought Clark was doing it. I told him he was wrong, but if anyone else agrees with him, let me know. And we really need to buy a shirt or seven for Oliver! It must be in his contract that he must do at least one scene per show without his shirt on. I say that if that's the case then the guys need equal eye-candy, and we need to Lois to do at least one scene per show in her bra and panties. Who's all for it?!

*crickets, crickets*


Saturday the 12 year-old girl in me got a hold of the remote and we watched iCarly. That wasn't too bad and it looks like the Sam/Freddie/Carly love-triangle is starting to form. Plus Gibby Russian-mobster look was just... unexpected. And he has a girlfriend from another school. A cute girlfriend at that. Very unexpected. There are always a few things on that show that are bound to make parents a tad uncomfortable even though it really shouldn't.
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