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Why, yes, yes she is.

Always looking to sell magazines, Esquire has named Kate Beckinsale this year's Sexiest Woman Alive, and while I've drooled over Megan Fox in a previous Esquire related post, I'm not going to argue with them about their selection. No. Way.
Very true. Although I have to confess that I think those are the only two Kate Beckinsale movies I've seen.

Oy, how can I forget Pearl Harbor and Van Helsing? Whole lot of bosom going on in Van Helsing, that's for sure.

Pearl Harbor also had Jennifer Gardner, another woman who would make me melt just by smiling in my general direction. :)
See, for me, Kate will always be Hero in Much Ado About Nothing, waaaaaaaay back before anyone knew who the heck she was. I've never loved any of her other roles with equal passion. (I can't stand Serendipity; not because of Kate or any other person involved, but because it's that kind of 'constant near miss' story that annoys me).

If you haven't seen Much Ado, Ander, you really must. Denzel Washington, Emma Thompson, Michael Keaton... it's just all around awesomeness, really.
You do know she went to Oxford and almost quit acting for med school.

Right? Right?
Sure I did. Yeah, of course. I knew that.

Or maybe I didn't, who knows?

That would be me, wouldn't it?