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Would they have conventions?

The Truman Show was on TBS this morning, and it got me to thinking. Would there be Truman Show Conventions?

I mean the "show" supposedly went on for, what, 30 years? Couldn't you just picture rows and rows of autograph tables with Truman's former teachers, his dentist, the town bus drivers, the radio announcer, his dad doing the circuit after he "died". The little old ladies who watched the show could pick up knitting-patterns for their pillows, that girl who played Lauren could have her own "Free Truman" presentation, stuff like that.
LOL-- the way our fandom-wired brains work sometimes.

I've been to Seaside, FLA where that was filmed. Pretty place. :-)
the way our fandom-wired brains work sometimes.

This affliction that we have is called The Fandom Menace. :p