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Movie Review catch-up

I haven't gone to the movies in a long time, and haven't reviewed one here in even longer, so since some of these films are coming out or are already out on video, I might as well let you know how I grade them, just in case you were waiting to hear my opinion to help you decide whether you should see them or not. ;)

A far weirder and less sentimental movie than the book, the 3-D effects were okay, but Mr. T's appearace as the town cop was a nice plus. C+.

I didn't have high expectations for GI Joe, so that may be why I was surprised that 1) I saw it, and 2) that I enjoyed it as a nice, rather silly romp. And of course Sienna Miller looked fantastic and even had a couple of clever lines in her role as The Baroness. B-.

For some reason I expected better. Granted, there were some pretty good moments in this film with some fine acting, but those handful of scenes is this alternative-universe World War II movie don't make up for everything else. C-.

Deserving of its accolades: Tom Felton was excellent although not quite the show-stealer some have been calling his performance; Daniel Radcliffe was also very good, but I liked his moments when he was playing a supporting role in a scene best. I wasn't 100% convinced of the Harry/Ginny romance, and I expected a little more from Dumbledore's murder-scene, but all-in-all it was another fine addition to the series. Oh, and every scene with Luna made that scene just 1000-times better. B+.
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