Movie Review catch-up

I haven't gone to the movies in a long time, and haven't reviewed one here in even longer, so since some of these films are coming out or are already out on video, I might as well let you know how I grade them, just in case you were waiting to hear my opinion to help you decide whether you should see them or not. ;)

A far weirder and less sentimental movie than the book, the 3-D effects were okay, but Mr. T's appearace as the town cop was a nice plus. C+.

I didn't have high expectations for GI Joe, so that may be why I was surprised that 1) I saw it, and 2) that I enjoyed it as a nice, rather silly romp. And of course Sienna Miller looked fantastic and even had a couple of clever lines in her role as The Baroness. B-.

For some reason I expected better. Granted, there were some pretty good moments in this film with some fine acting, but those handful of scenes is this alternative-universe World War II movie don't make up for everything else. C-.

Deserving of its accolades: Tom Felton was excellent although not quite the show-stealer some have been calling his performance; Daniel Radcliffe was also very good, but I liked his moments when he was playing a supporting role in a scene best. I wasn't 100% convinced of the Harry/Ginny romance, and I expected a little more from Dumbledore's murder-scene, but all-in-all it was another fine addition to the series. Oh, and every scene with Luna made that scene just 1000-times better. B+.
I too was underwhelmed by Harry/Ginny the first time I saw HBP. And I still wish it had been done differently, but Felton's performance still moves me, and the other thing that snuck up on me in my third viewing was the wonderful Jim Broadbent and his portrayal of Slughorn. I find myself absolutely transfixed in the scene where he finally capitulates to Harry and passes over the memory-- the story about the fish that Lily gave him, et. al. I also found the performance of the actress who plays Lavender more and more entertaining with each viewing. I guess because the part was written so absurdly over the top, I'm impressed that she fielded it as well as she did. Her performance is actually funny. ;-)

So yeah, in summation, I love the HBP movie now-- for reasons utterly different than the ones I was hoping for.
Yep, Broadbent's performance was really good, too. Maybe if I had seen it more than twice I would have remembered that. :p