CSI: Nick

Ah, my eyes!

I don't watch CSI: Miami very much, but I watched it last night since it was part 1 of The CSI Trilogy this week and I think I was blinded by lens-flares!! What, was J.J. Abrams directing the episode?

It was an okay episode, overall. My favorite part was the Dark Knight-like music used during the opening scene of the girl driving through The Glades on sparking rims. She was obviously running from someone, and the music (which sounded a lot like the cue from the bank-robbery scene in DK) helped to heighten the tension as Horatio and crew were figuring out that this girl may have been abducted. Unfortunately, her fate was far worse.

I watch CSI: New York even less, so it should be interesting to see where they take the storyline on Wednesday night.