knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

"I'm done CRYING!!!!"

A single-mom and her three year-old daughter (I think she's 3) moved into the apartment below me just a few weeks ago. This morning they're not getting along very well, or at least the girl is screaming her head off for some reason. So the mom puts the girl in her room (the one below me right now) and says, "You're not coming out until you're done crying." So what does the little girl do? Cries, "I'm. Done. CRYING!!" over and over as she continues to cry, occasionally punctuated with "Open the door!"

I don't know about their doors, but if they're anything like mine, they don't have locks.

As annoying as it all is, it's pretty hysterical from my viewpoint.
Tags: apartment life

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