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Finally got my Renegade achievement on Mass Effect last night. Once I got the needed points (had to wipe-out a whole colony of zombified humans to do it) I turned into Mr. Nice Guy again. Now all I'm missing are a few companion achievements, completion on the Hardcore and Insanity levels, plus several biotics-related achievements. And I also have the urge to create an account at fanfiction.net and start writing NC-17 Mass Effect stories. My male-Sheps have all gotten the girl, but my one fem-Shep (who was my first shot at trying to earn the Renegade achievement) got no love, poor girl. :( Guess I'll just have to try again. :)

I also have Arkam Asylum for my PS3 which I've barely gotten into and should really just restart because I haven't played it in several weeks and I don't think I was doing well when I was playing it.

What else?

I'm heading back to Minnesota for Thanksgiving on Saturday via Seattle and Chicago. Hopefully my luggage will stay with me the whole way. :) I'm flying United the whole way.

What else?

BBT looks like it could be good tonight. I only got something like a 5 second look at the preview, but Penny/Sheldon scenes always make the show better. Last week's was one of the better episodes of the season which isn't saying much because it hasn't been really all that great so far this year.

The last two parts of the CSI trilogy were excellent. New York wasn't as stylized as Miami was, but they had some good story telling effects, and Gary Senese was much more subtle than David Caruso. Laurence Fishbourne was excellent too, but I think his character was written better when they returned to Las Vegas, which was also the better episode of the three.

I think that's it for now.
Liara or Ashley?

Please don't say Ashley, as she is a racist ho.

I only play good side so no Renegade for me. I am in the middle of my male playthrough but Dragon Age and Pokemon and a host of other things distracted me from finishing it. I hope to have it finished by ME2 (Jan. 26th).
Well, Kevin Shepard and renegade John Shepard both got freaky with Liara, while Lando Shepard bedded Ashley, who I wouldn't exactly call racist, but more like xenophobic, to be exact. :)

Any ideas for a name for my new fem-Shep?

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Haha honestly I like Kaiden and he's kind of the default dude for a fem-Shep unless you wanna go lesbian with Liara.
No, that's not what I meant. I meant what should I name my new fem-Shep character, not which romantic partner should I pair her up with. I named the last one Kylie.