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YY#32 New Flash!!

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YY#32 New Flash!!

Hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since I made this joke about Cedric Diggory being in Twilight and close to three months since my last toonlet production which reference the New Moon trailer. Really, I should actually see these movies just for the comedy material alone!

In other stuff, Thanksgiving was good. We got together with a big group of family and family by marriage (I probably only knew about 15 of the 54 people there) for a big meal. I didn't think the turkey was all that great, but there was a cajun-style (I think) pork-loin that was fantastic! I wish we had wrapped some of that up in foil and taken it home.

One of my cousin's youngest who is all of 5-years old is "obsessed" (his words, apparently) with Star Wars. We didn't get to bond over it too much, but that was cool to learn.

All in all I think I gained a few pounds on my trip home, although I think I worked some of that off walking around the terminal (C, I think) at O'Hare airport while waiting for my plane on Wednesday. I got in at least a mile, maybe two. The flight from Seattle to Chicago wasn't too bad (they played The Time Traveler's Wife for the in-flight movie), but the return flight wasn't that great. An hour delay, a tow-headed trio of very youngster fresh from Disney behind me, a crying baby, and a pretty uncomfortable chair made a long flight feel even longer, even though I think we got to our destination ahead of schedule, go fig! The movie for the return flight was It Might Get Loud, which was a documentary where Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page first sat down together and talked music and guitar playing. It was a interesting look into each guitarist's self-narrated history, and I'll probably get a fuller review in sometime in the future.

I pre-ordered my copy of Mass Effect 2 at Gamestop yesterday and will order the comic book tie-in as soon as I finish with this entry. I listened to the first tie-in novel (a prequel to the original game) on my way home and during my stay, then bought the second tie-in at the downtown Barnes & Noble in Rochester and finished that at the gate in Minneapolis waiting for my flight to Chicago. I highly recommend the second book "Ascension" for you gamers because I think it brings some interesting insight into a little of what may happen in ME2. Btw, I actually get chills during the final seconds of this video about Tali's part in ME2.

January is going to be exciting for Yvonne Strahovski fans because not only will Chuck return (January 10th at 9, 8 central), but she's also the voice and character model of the character Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect 2!

Which reminds me, I really need to go Gold on X-Box Live some time this weekend.

Anything else I should mention?

New episode of Clone Wars tonight! I loved the tag-line they used in the preview for this episode: "If you find a worm in space, don't put it in your nose."

*nods* I know sage-advice when I hear it.

Oh, and Star Wars Celebration 5 is going to be in Orlando August 12-15 next year. I'm not sure if I'll be going, but you never know.
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