knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Dear Video Game Awards...

Seriously, Jack Black for Best Voice?


I don't say this much, but WTF!?!

You've got to be FUCKIN' KIDDING ME!

Hell, I've barely heard of the game he was nominated in!

I mean, seriously VGAs, you open the show with Mark Hamill doing a Joker voice-over intro for the new Arkam Asylum game, but you don't have Mark there to accept the award for best voice?? I've seen the comments on the ballot page for the category and Mark and that North guy from Uncharted 2 were getting the votes, Black was barely being mentioned! What the hell happened?!?

Check your fuckin' security on your site because I think you were hacked!

On a different note, The Force Unleashed 2 looks like it could be pretty exciting, although I thought Starkiller was dead at the end of my game. Guess I'll just have to play it again. Plus I've been meaning to get the Ultimate Sith Edition for my X-Box, but that might have to wait until after X-mas.
Tags: batman, rant, star wars, video games

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