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Defending the Saga

My brother posted on his Facebook that he was going to do a SW marathon, which I marked as Liked. Later he updates that he's watching ROTS and had to stop what he was doing because, even though he has seen the movie before there was a lot of stuff he didn't remember.

Then one of his "friends" hauls out the "true Star Wars" fans don't like that movie, TPM, AOTC made him sick, blah, blah, blah.

I had to step in and defend my fandom because, obviously, this person wasn't a true Star Wars fan, at least to my definition. My response was fairly civil, I think. "True Star Wars fans know that there are SEVEN movies, and love them all like family.' Yeah, a little snarky there, maybe, but that's my stance and I'm sticking to it.
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Ugh people like that piss me off. Personally, I love the entirety of the Star Wars saga and hate elitist jerks. Yes, some of the things in the PT were a bit weaker and I count myself amongst those who winces everytime Anakin tells Padme that he's just soooo in love with her but I still love the movies. All of them. Few films can make me cry as much as RotS can.

Aaaaand I'm just going to stop there cuz I could go on about this for hours and hours. But seriously, good for you for saying something and all.
We could all go on about this for hours. :)

My brother did take a swipe at Hayden's acting in ROTS, but I'm going to let him slide on that one.
(I don't have a Star Wars icon, so here's Michael Westen being frustrated.)

My own personal feelings about the prequels aside, I always find it problematic when fans start going on about how "true" fans do, or don't, accept certain installments of a series, or certain plot points as canon. Here, I've mostly found that the person's definition of a "true" fan is "someone who agrees with me." (This tends to be true of religious groups, as well... amazing how well the two coincide.)

The prequels were... disappointing in some respects for me, but I don't think I could ever call into question someone else's status as a Star Wars fan just because he or she wholeheartedly embraced them.