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Defending the Saga pt. 2

The Hater, as we'll call him from now on, came back at first with "do you mean the Holiday Special" before my brother guessed that I meant the Clone Wars movie, to which he responded with the weak "cartoons aren't *real*" complaint.

I then said that if I was including the HS, I would have to include the two Ewok movies as well, but I wasn't including television, just what was released in theaters. I kinda wanted to come back with something about the differences animation and cartoons but I don't think it was worth the trouble. I don't know the guy or his movie preferences (if he's a LotR fan I would have really laid into him about what's "real" and "not real")*, so I can't hold anything against him, but he's not worth the effort anyways.

*(Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the LotR movies and hold nothing against them.)

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