Mass Effect2

Yay, new 360!

Somewhere between here and Memphis, Tennessee is a XBox360 with my name on it! I'm kinda surprised by how excited I am about that, because I didn't really think I'd miss it this much!

Since I sent in my console for repairs, I've been catching up on a couple of games on my PS3, but I think I'm missing the fact that I don't have Mass Effect 2 and all its endless possibilities to play around with. Plus I've got to get back into Dragon Age to see what the fuss is all about because I was barely into it when ME2 came out and started hogging the X-Box's attention.
I've started the human origin story. Last I remember we picked up I think about 2 more companions after that witch-girl. Sorry I don't remember the names. May have to restart from the beginning anyways to get me back into it.