Chuck: Princess Sarah

Chuck is all a-Tangled

Faith, you may want to see this, although the clip doesn't have any singing in it, and our boy Zack has only one line in the clip, but it's amusing.

I saw some concept art for this for the first time on Facebook yesterday, and it looked very nice.
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Whee!!! Even that small bit was awesome!

Except it totally doesn't resemble 2d traditional animation, as they said they were shooting for. Pfft.

Oh, and thanks!
It does? Looks like nice, crisp lines to me. Kinda like the animated portion of Enchanted. Are they using 3D tech to make it look 2D?
They're probably not using Rapunzel because of all the potential knock-offs that will eventually come out on video at about the same time this does. Go to any video store and you'll find numerous animated movies with the same titles as Disney movies made from public domain fairy-tales. Tangled will help the movie stand out more.
It upsets me because they're breaking from tradition and not going with the precedent. Yes, there are numerous other fairy tales with the "same name" but the Disney brand by itself should do more than enough to help it stand out. Beauty and the Beast wasn't called "Rose Garden" and Cinderella wasn't called "The Glass Slipper" and so on. I know it's really nitpicky and shallow and pathetic of me to harp on this, but I just can't get over it. :p