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YY#51: The Debutante Trap

YY#51: The Debutante Trap

My alternative punch-line was, "What did Stitch do now?" I kinda flipped a coin on my decision.

On a much more somber note, there's been very little mentioned regarding the 5th anniversary of the London bombings in the news here in the US. I kinda thought that the morning shows would have mentioned it, or maybe the mention was so brief that I missed it. Isn't Queen Elizabeth suppose to be coming here soon, too?

I got to tell ya, for a person who slept through 9/11 due to my work-schedule, waking up to the news of the London bombings was a little unreal. I had literally just moved to Moses Lake for my new job, arriving the night of the 6th, then the next morning I woke to that scary news. Was al'Queda growing stronger? Were there going to be more attacks in the US, too? I didn't really need scary questions running around like that in my head next to, Where am I going to get an apartment? How am I going to get to work Monday without a car? When is my furniture going to get here? When is my car going to get here? What the hell did I get myself into moving 1800 miles from home into the middle of nowhere? Plus I have a friend who works in London, so I gave her a call to make sure she was okay, which she was because the bombings weren't really that close to her. Although if I had called my parents, I could have learned that she sent them an email with that exact information in it hours ago.

Where have the days gone?
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