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Rooney Mara

YY#55: The Girl With...

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YY#55: The Girl With...

I've never heard of Rooney Mara before today, which I think is a good thing.

Rumors had been going around that Natalie Portman (who bares a remarkable resemblance with Mara) and Ellen Page were up for the role of Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher's adaptation of Stieg Larsson's literary sensation The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo co-starring a Mr. Craig, Daniel Craig. I've only recently gotten into the Millenium Trilogy (as the series is called) thanks to, and I've enjoyed the books quite a bit. I rented the Swedish adaptation of the book (titled "Men Who Hate Women" in Swedish) starring the fascinating Noomi Rapace as the title character this weekend and really liked it. It's violent and has some disturbing scenes, but I highly recommend it. Hopefully Fincher's version will be equally as thrilling.

Btw, that punchline Summer has at the end of the comic is taken directly from the second book in the trilogy The Girl Who Played With Fire. I found it amusing and the line has been going through my head for the past several days now.
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