Mass Effect2

"Get in, get out..."

"...kill anyone who tries to stop us."

For some reason I'm very excited for this DLC coming out for Mass Effect 2 on Tuesday. The action looks thrilling and the music sounds epic!

Damn, Liara, I've missed you.

Plus, the asari Spectre featured in the trailer is rumored to be Tela Vasir, a Spectre mentioned several times in the Cerberus Daily News briefs, and also star of a piece of fan fic I've been working on. It should be interesting to see what happens.
Well, without connecting your XBOX to the internet, you'll just have to look for clips on youtube some time next week.
goodness and I thought female Sheperd had an unfortunate voice... He sounds so-- GI Joe... lol xD

Other then that... The DLC looks awesome. Bioware is mucho talented when it comes to game trailers :) I personally CANNOT WAIT for the Morrigan DLC for Dragon Age.