That's a very good question.

On the one side you have fans who'll take as much Harry Potter as they can get, but on the other side you have fans who say, "No, I'm happy with what I've been given." And then there are those who are happy to fill in the blanks on there own (us fan-ficcers), and rather not let JK's "canon" of the Harry Potter-verse get in the way.

Then there's her side. Despite having billions of dollars, pounds, euros, etc., she's still worried about money. Is she spending too much? Is she giving away too much? What will she do with all of it?

Does she need to make more money? The answer to that is, No, she does not need to make more. She and her family can live out the rest of her days comfortably. The books still sell, she's bound to get a few dollars out of the next 2 movies, plus DVD and Blu-Ray and downloaded versions of the films, so making money shouldn't be much of a worry.

Does she want to make more money? Probably, that's just the nature of things, especially when it comes to money. The easy route would be to continue with something familiar, such as a Harry Potter-related production of some sort. More books? Sure! She knows it backwards and forwards, and anything she didn't cover in the books she could easily flesh-out in a new series, maybe something about Harry's parents, or even Dumbeldore's(sp?) years as a wizard in training. Heck, this is exactly what George Lucas is doing as he expands the Star Wars Universe with the Prequel Trilogy and The Clone Wars cartoons!

The one main difference I see in that comparison is that even though both Rowling and Lucas donate millions or maybe billions to charities is that Lucas also has several businesses to maintain, to assist in the creation of films for other movie-makers (ILM, Skywalker Sound, etc.). He also uses the money he makes to help produce other projects, notably the Indiana Jones projects and the long awaited Red Tails. Ms. Rowling, as far as I know, doesn't have a production studio to throw her money into; there are no other outlets for her, and as a creative mind, she seems to be more mired in the HP-verse than George is in the SW-verse.

My suggestion for Ms. Rowling? Think of something new. Throw your energies into new characters, new worlds, new adventures. The worse she can do is fail, and she has yet to do so.

Hinting that there may be more Harry Potter maybe "good" for some fans and her pocket-book, but "bad" for her creativity. Too much of a good thing is still too much.

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I see you have some feelings for Ms. Rowling :) Response:

One thing that's really different about Lucas and Rowling is that Lucas started out with big dreams, and Star Wars was a manifestation of not just talent, but a long, dedicated effort in the movie industry. Rowling was a successful pot shot. She went from waitress who jotted notes in her spare time to richer than the queen of england. So I can see why she's intimidated by her new status. Also I feel as though Rowling's first work being such a huge success for her is the worst thing that could have happened to her as a writer. I don't know if she has enough aspiration left in her to be a full-fledged fantasy writer. I do hope she can create a new world, but just as successful painters never seem to paint anything different again, I doubt she'll ever really get to challenge her creative writing skills.

Lucas, on the other hand, was much more ambitious and is much more successful. However, I think he too has lost some of the ambition and creativity of his youth... I watched parts of THX1138, and it's like it was made by a totally different person that he who made the prequels. So yeah, I think he channeled his money and fame much more productively than Rowling, but I think in some way it has diminished him as well. IMO.