keira's camera

Trend-setter & Time Machine

At one point today I spotted our girl Keira's name at the top of Yahoo's "Trending Now" box. "What's the deal?" I thought. "She's got a new movie coming out, but what makes the world curious enough to search for her so much to get her at the top of this list?"

And here it is.

She got a new haircut.

Actually, it looks more like her older hairstyles, and from what I've seen of the polls asking whether people like it or not, people really like it!

Elsewhere... Chuck was good television viewing last night. Say what you will about Nicole Richie but I love me some Heather Chandler.

And I'm not just going on looks or her tiny-as-a-stick-of-dynamite attitude, Heather Chandler is an awesome villain to get under our usually unflappable super-spy, Sarah Walker. Why do we not go to High School reunions? Because we're afraid we'll run into someone like Heather, an old nemesis, the person who made high school hell for you and almost went out of their way to make sure of it. Plus it was hilarious watching her fire a machine gun that's almost bigger than her, and actually handling it pretty well!
Keira looks great!

I watched "Chuck" last night and was surprised to see that Nicole Ritchie did a fair job.
Yeah, I'm not going to rush out and see her in anything else, but I really like Nicole in that role.
Keira is moving so fast to the top of the food chain. Makes me feel special to have discovered her early.