knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Simon Pegg is a nerd, loves Star Wars

Sure, the new Scotty for the rebooted Star Trek franchise has taken shots at the Star Wars franchise in more recent days, but he still seems to love it and in this short clip from a BBC interview (painfully short, because I wanted to hear more) he explains its success was largely due to perfect timing.

I like the female interviewers comment that it is an unwritten rule that you had to be a fan of Star Wars at some point to reach a certain level of achievement. It's either an odd question or a brilliant observation on pop-culture today, but Pegg handles it pretty well.

Although when she asks him why 7-year olds like it today, he gives a flippant answer, but I don't think he's really sure. I may have to investigate this book of his.
Tags: books, pop culture, star trek, star wars

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