knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

I finished Awakenings, too....

Just a little while ago, so I need some time to digest it fully.

One issue that I'm puzzled about was that there seemed to be no overall sense of... urgency? Fear? Conflict? Why do the relics need to be found? To restore balance/order? faith in The Master? harmony between man, fairy, and nature? Does someone not want that to happen? Why? What purpose?

Maybe what has me puzzled is the fact that the book is more of the Inspirational-genre, not the classical Fantasy-genre wherein the Heroes need to stop the Villains from ruling the world, or something of such nature.

Things in this story's world are okay, but they were once better, so our Heroes are trying to restore their world to its former glory? They're not trying to prevent things from becoming horribly worse, just better than things are, right?

Just some partially formed thoughts on my part. :)
Tags: books

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