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A little ME time

I have this idea for a funny post-Mass Effect 2 vignette about the Normandy crew helping Liara move her stuff out of her Illium apartment to her new location (would a SPOILER ALERT be appropriate here?), but the main issue I'm having is how many crew members are needed to move her stuff, and how should I organize the jokes?

For example, I wanted to start right out of the gate with Jacob saying something like, "Helpin' an ex-girlfriend move her stuff out of her old apartment: yep, I've been there, I've done that." Which leads Shepard (who's romancing Miranda) to look at Miranda, who responses by shrugging and saying, "I don't know what he's talking about," before hustle over to join Garrus who is studying the painting of Ilos. They have a conversation about the painting which leads to someone saying, "Maybe Kasumi could figure that out" which leads to Kasumi de-cloaking next to Garrus (surprising him?) and saying something like she's not fond of the painting, but the frame is fantastic!

There's also a moment where Shep explains to Jacob that Liara was never his girlfriend, which leads to Tali nonchalantly giving the "How could she possibly be interested in a dashing commander that rescues her and asks her to help save the galaxy" speech she says early in her romancing story-line, which prompts Kelly to catch Shep's attention and gesture at Tali as if to say, "See, isn't it obvious she wanted to be more than friends?" again, something from early in the Tali relationship portion of the game. Of course Kelly is also fascinated by Liara's aquarium and wants to know if they could take the fish, too.

I'm also picturing Jack and Samara folding sheets with their biotics. Maybe I could have Grunt do some heavy lifting, too.

I've got the sappy moment involving Liara's degree figured out, but I'm wondering whether the crew should just take over the apartment and use it as a future safe-house since they've dumped Cerberus.

So there's that.

Oh, and for the record, that was not me who broke into Keira Knightley's apartment. I have a key.
Tags: fan fiction, keira, mass effect

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