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I <3 Carin

My comic book collecting has been... sporadic over the past decade or so, and I haven't really been able to keep up with what's been going on in most of my favorite universes. I do flip through the occasional Batman title at the local bookstore, so I kinda know what's going on there, but anywhere else...? Nothing.

When I went back to Minnesota on vacation last month, I decided to drop into my favorite comic book store (something we don't have here in Central Washington). Ah, the selection! Not just Marvel and DC with the occasional Dark Horse title, no, this store had a lot more. Granted, it's not one of your Super Comic Book stores that has evvvvverrrry thing, but the variety is greater, plus the selection is up to date, too; the local book/music/video/games store is usually a month or two behind.

So, at this store what did my wondering eyes fall upon but an Image title! Not Lara Croft or Witchblade or Witchblade/Lara Croft, no, I spotted a brand new series of Velocity, starring the teen-speedster from Marc Silvestri's Cyberforce, Carin Taylor, aka Velocity. And as you can see by my icon, I picked it up, paid for it, and took it home with me. :)

I also spotted something that I usually don't see locally, but I didn't take it home with me, and that was an issue of "Spawn." "Spawn" #199 to be precise.

"Holy WildCATS!" I thought. "Has it been that long since Image was formed?" I hopped onto the collecting bandwagon right about the time Todd McFarlane, Rob Leifeld, Jim Lee and friends were jumping ship at Marvel and creating their own company, Image, 18 years ago! Wow! Seems like yesterday.

McFarlane's "Spawn" was the most successful title out of that venture. While the rest of the Image creative teams were stumbling with delays and more delays (frustrating readers like myself) Todd was able to pound out his one title month after month after month into an empire. Now his title has reached a heck-of-a landmark at 200, while I have no idea if any of the other titles started at Image are even into the triple-digits, or just constantly coming out as mini-series or brand-new volumes and the like.

Leifeld is somehow not in jail for his less-that-wise financial dealings or his plagiaristic style but still making comics. Leifeld has been called the Michael Bay of comic books, which in my opinion is an insult to Michael Bay.

Jim Lee has had varying success since creating Image, but his studio, Wildstorm, is now part of the DC imprint and after stints on titles at both Marvel and DC, he is now Co-Publisher of DC Comics.

So, back to Velocity... Kenneth Rocafort's cover art caught my eye and his interior art is fantastic too (but somehow Carin always has a loose-lock of her fire-red hair getting in her eyes!), so I picked it up and went to to order the rest of the series which... well, I have no idea when the next issues in the 4 part series will come, but I'm hoping for some time in the next year... maybe two.

Oh, and what Velocity is saying in the above icon is, "Yeah, don't worry. I'm fluent in bitch just like you are." I'm hoping not to have a reason to actually use it, but you never know. :)
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