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I need a Natalie Portman icon

If you know Shirley Manson, the lead singer for Garbage, then you shouldn't be surprised when she posts a link to, which just so happens to be an official website for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan, including a some-what-disturbing calendar counting down the days until the film's release nationwide.

I'm sure many of you might not find it disturbing, but despite all the hoopla I'm making over this film, the more I see of the film, the more I don't want to see of the film, if that makes any sense. Aronofsky's films are very good, but after the emotional trauma I experienced after seeing Requiem for a Dream I'll admit, they scare me. Even worse, I've only seen two of them: Requiem and The Fountain! And I actually liked The Fountain! I wasn't emotionally scarred by it!

Anywho, we can't solve my trust issues here, but... wait, where was I going with this post?

Oh, yes... please tell me that you feel just a little disturbed by the website too.

Even if you don't, lie to me! Please!

It won't solve my trust issues, but it'll make me feel better anyways. :)

Oh, and to help promote the film, Aronofsky and long-time fiance Rachel Weisz have officially called it off. Nice.
Tags: movies, natalie, pop culture

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