Disney: Buy Donald

Damn my impulse buying weakness!


Just as I had thought I had talked myself out of it, I decide, "Oh, let's just take a look and see if they're available yet." I actually had a bookmark ready and willing to help, so I friggin' clicked it!




Yes, the Legion and (guess who?) Miranda Mass Effect 2 lithographs went on sale at nine this morning at the Bioware store, and when I saw that the Miranda litho was available at an individual price (because I thought they were being sold as a pair) I grabbed the bitch. They were only making a 100 available for an hour, and a 100 more later in the day, and those things sell out fast!

Look, I'm going to be thrilled to get it when it gets here, but I had talked myself out of buying it last night (although I was still thinking it would come with Legion and be priced twice as much), but when my curiosity got the better of me, well... I was lost.

And here I just dropped $2500 on a trip to... well, I'm saving that surprise for Christmas, but still!

And it took FOREVER to finalize the transaction! It was to the point where I was thinking, "Man, it's not even five after and they're sold out already?" Then it came up with a warning that said something like "The store has updated quantity amount and/or shipping cost, please try again," or something like that. And that processed for a minute or two before finally confirming my order.


By the way, I just checked and not a half hour into the sale, those lithos are now "Out of Stock".

Yay me!?

The part of me that excuses these things is saying, "Look, you've got 3 already, make it an even 4 and you'll be good, even with the 2 mini-lithos. Make this your last purchase from their store and you'll be fine. You'll get ME2 for the PS3 in January, any DLC between now and late next year when ME3 comes out and you'll be fine! Trust me."

Anywho, Tron: Legacy in 3D starts in Pasco at 1130, so I've gotta get cleaned up and head down there soon.

Thanks for reading. :)