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So I got on my light-cycle and left

Good-bye, Tron_Legacy community. It was nice while it lasted.

Have you ever joined a fandom for a movie or for an actor or something early, before it/they comes out or hits the big time? Then when it/they do hit big a bunch of noobs come around, overwhelm the place, and spoil the fun to the point where you just have to say good-bye and leave the community?

I joined the Tron_Legacy community months ago, back when it was just the mod and maybe a handful of members. I enjoyed all the news, media vids, links, occassional icons, etc., with the occassional "thanks for sharing" comment. Some of these posts were lucky to get more that 4 comments, if any. When the movie came out, I enjoyed reading some of the community Users' (see what I did there?) reviews and thoughts as more and more people joined. I even read one or two pieces of fan-fic that were posted that weren't too bad.

Then the slashers came around, and pretty much every other post is now some fic about two (or more) of the male characters doing things that were never even hinted at in the movie. This was a family-friendly, mainly news related community for a Disney movie and you have to force this on the readers? Look, specific communities/groups were made for the Sam/Alan, CLU/Tron/Rinzler/Flynn slash stories, but people are still posting their stories in that community, cluttering it up to the point where I've just gotta take it off my f-list, which... is disappointing. Just because there are a bunch of guys in a movie doesn't mean they're always waving their dicks in each others faces, so keep yours away from mine! I do not want to see Sisterhood of Traveling Pants FemSlash, either!

Why do surrogate Father/Son relationships always have to turn into slash??? Can't anybody be just friends anymore????

Christ, I'm willing to bet that if the internet was around, slash-writers would have invaded communities discussing the meaning behind Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! Man versus Modernization? Hell, who cares? Who was the bitch in the relationship, Butch or Sundance? All the President's Men? How do you think they'd have Deep Throat give up his information?

Look, I know this is the internet; if it exists, there's porn of it, I know. But like I said before, just keep your dicks out of my face, ladies & gents, and I'll be fine.

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. I may take a peek at the community to see if there's anything new, any cool icons, etc., but I'm done checking on it everyday.

And while I'm at it, you kids get off my damn lawn!
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Can't anybody be just friends anymore????
I am totally with you on that. It is really annoying.

I don't know what is up with people. They must be so sexually frustrated and/or obsessed that they have to read sex into everything. Nothing's pure and innocent anymore.

And I agree if they want to be fixated on the sex, fine but leave it on the appropriate communities. Not one that is supposed to be about news.
Well, if you just can't see the OBVIOUS sexual attraction between those guys, you weren't paying attention and you're probably a homophobe besides!


That's what happens whenever slashers invade like ants the fandom picnic. If you have any problem whatsoever with the slash (i.e. in canon, the characters are heterosexual, the characters are related, one or both characters are underage) you get jumped. I recall someone on my f-list was called a bigot and a homophobe because she refused to accept the possibility that a character was bisexual, even though in the actual canon he was straight. Slashers have an answer for everything and are ready to blast anyone who doesn't find men getting each other pregnant entertaining, much less biologically-possible. And don't even bring it up if you happen to have personal moral/religious objections to slash :O.

It bothers me that across the board in fan fiction, slash or het, few if any relationships are not sexual in some way. You miss what's genuinely interesting or emotional about those relationships. And some of it is frankly sick. At least the older rotund ladies who wrote K/S 40 years ago had the decency to avoid incest or pedophilia/pederasty.

This is coming from a slasher.

Believe it or not, you're right. Sort of. I mean, if there are comms out there for it, they should join them and post there. But also, if it's been taken over by slashers, that's gotta pretty much say that a LOT of people in that community read and write slash. But it's up to the Mod of the comm whether to allow it or not. Did you ever bring it up to them? What were their thoughts? The mod should put it as a no fanfic zone, or a no slash zone. II'm all for separation and all, because, yeah, family friendly movie. But if the mod doesn't care, there isn't much you can do. Which sucks, I know. The writers should have kept to fanfic comms, but at the same time, the Mod should have put their foot down and not let it be a comm open to fanfic.
um... I feel really really bad for you now...... Not only was your comm taken over by slashers. But it seems like it's been taken over by THIRTEEN YEAR OLD slashers! I'm going to go run and hide now. You can't avoid them, all you can do is run when you see them.

You know, I love the movie. As much as I love the first in a completely different way. And one of the things about the movie I find so neat is actually that it had LESS romantic stuff than the first. And even the Quorra/Sam relationship that I think they may have been trying to hint at (From what people have told me), I didn't see. They really did seem more like siblings than anything else.

Also, the only people you know anything about are the characters from the first movie. It's like Legacy is this spot in time. There isn't even any real character development seen. And that's one of the most remarkable things I've seen. That this movie should be as good as it is WITHOUT romance or growth and not be just about the action. It just has this FEELING of being epic and important.
Before I respond, which of you is the real amadraco? I've got two replies with slightly different opinions, and I'm not sure if they were made by different people or not.
lol. They're both me. my point was a little bit that since the comm wasn't about slash fic, or fanfic in general, the most they should have done was announce their comms as having been made. But at the same time, it was the mods duty to stop them.

You're right to have been annoyed that they took it over.

That and I just went to read some of that slash and oh dear god, it's terrible. really, it is.