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PS3 Mass Effect Playthrough Info

The following is basically info and reminders on what I've done so far in Mass Effect on the Playstation 3. These will be a little more detailed than the X-Box ones thanks to the interactive comic that starts near the start of Mass Effect 2 on the PS3, helping the players make the major decisions they could have made had they been able to play Mass Effect 1.

First, taking a page out of someone else's playbook, I give you Dick Shepard...

Dick (in progress)
Class: Vanguard
Origin: Earthborn
Reputation: Ruthless

Walking the path of the Renegade, Dick killed the Rachni queen, put Wrex down on Virmire, left Kaidan behind on Virmire, romanced Ashley, sacrificed the Citadel Council, and recommended Udina for humanity's place on the new Council in Mass Effect 1. He allowed Garrus to kill Sidonis, let Jack shoot Aresh, gave Legion to Cerberus, betrayed Samara, destroyed Maelon's data, left the Collector base to Cerberus, and romanced Jack in Mass Effect 2. Many members of the Normandy crew died, but all of his squadmates survived the suicide mission. In Mass Effect 3, he added the Lash power, recommended Jack's kids for support, didn't free the rachni breeder, talked Mordin out of curing the genophage, told Liara to make his entry in her time capsule inspiring, shot Udina, talked joker out of dating EDI, let Falaire live in the ruins of the Asari monastery, chosed the Quarians over the Geth, and beat Garrus while shooting bottles. Later, Dick killed his clone and Brooks, played wingman for Garrus, let Kasumi rob the casino, and told Traynor to kick Tzuza's ass.

Jane (in progress)
Class: Soldier
Origin: Earthborn
Reputation: Sole Survivor

Garrus and Jane

Mainly Paragon, Jane spared the Rachni queen and Wrex, left Ashley behind on Virmire, romanced Kaidan, saved the Citadel Council, and recommended Anderson for humanity's place on the Council in Mass Effect 1. She romanced Garrus, and despite losing Miranda's loyalty after siding with Jack upon completing her loyalty mission, she was able to earn it back later in Mass Effect 2, save Maelon's data, got Tali exiled, and rewrote the geth heretics. After going through the Omega-4 Relay, Jane lost Kasumi because she didn't upgrade Normandy's kinetic barriers, and lost Thane because she didn't upgrade the guns. Jane arrived too late to save half her crew, but the rest of the team survived the suicide mission, which ended in her destroying the Collector base. It is believed that she didn't complete the Overlord mission. She welcomed her boyfriend back on board, lost the hanar homeworld, recommend Jack's kids for supporting roles, cured the genophage, killed Udina, saved the Rachni queen again, sided with the quarians, okay'd Joker dating EDI, tried to save her clone, sent Brooks to lockup, beat Jacob at Shattered Eezo, picked the Maestros, told Miranda to lighten-up and start some trouble, sided with muscles over biotics during the party, and broke Vega's pull-up record in Mass Effect 3. She shot TIM after he shot Anderson, and when it came time to choose, she chose to Destroy the Reapers. She helped Aria take back Omega and took Petrovsky into custody. She still needs to recruit the Leviathans.

Class: Sentinel
Origin: Colonial
Reputation: War Hero

No Regrets

Primarily Paragon, Josh spared the Rachni Queen, spared Wrex but left Ashley behind on Virmire, saved the Citadel Council, and recommended Udina for humanity's place on the Council. He kept Garrus from killing Sidonus, kept Jack from killing Aresh, saved Maelon's data, kept Tali from getting exiled, destroyed the heretics, and decided to romance Miranda after a brief flirtation with Tali. Everyone survived the attack on the Collector Base, which he decided to destroy. In Mass Effect 3, he recommended Jack's kids as support, told Kelly Chambers to change her identity, saved the hanar homeworld with Kasumi's help, encouraged Liara to talk to her father, didn't save the Rachni Queen again, cured the genophage (alas, without Mordin's final song), had Liara decide how to describe him in the time-capsule, let Kaidan shoot Udina during the coup, rescued Admiral Koris, brought peace between the quarians and the geth, persuaded Din Korlack to give him information on the turian colony Cerberus was going to attack and the volus bomber squadron, shared a drink with Dr. Karin Chakwas, encouraged Joker to date EDI, beat Garrus at target practice, sent EDI to save Captain Riley's team on Cyone, told Joker he'd get him two umbrellas for his drink, took Liara to the casino charity gala, tried to save his clone, and sent Brooks to lockup. Afterward, he suggested EDI buy something practical for Joker, enjoyed Fleet and Flotilla with Tali, let Kasumi rob the Casino, people watched with Samara, helped Garrus pickup a nice turian girl, told Grunt to apologize to C-Sec, broke James' pull-up record, told Cortez to go for it when they buzzed through the Silversun Strip, lost to Jacob at Shattered Eezo, told Traynor to kick T'Suzsa's ass, picked the Sorcerers, and went out on the town and made some very questionable choices with Miranda. When he rescued Jacob and the ex-Cerberus scientist, he also told Dr. Archer that his brother was safe. Having recruited the Leviathans, Josh threw an energetic party. He still needs to assault In the end, he shot TIM before he could shoot Anderson, and picked Synthesis.

Jennifer (in progress)
Class: Engineer
Origin: Spacer
Reputation: Ruthless


A ME3 exclusive, Jennifer saved the Rachni Queen, killed Wrex and left Kaidan behind on Virmire, Sacrificed the Council, and recommended Anderson for humanity's seat on the Council after the battle against Saren and Sovereign. After her resurrection by Cerberus two years later, she recruited everyone and resolved their conflicts, stayed true to her friends, destroyed Maelon's data, cleared Tali of the treason charge, destroyed the geth heretics, prepared the ship and the team instead of rescuing the crew, prepared for the assault instead of starting a romance with Garrus, and destroyed the Collector Base. Six months later, with the Reapers finally making their assault on the galaxy, she saved the hanar homeworld, recommended Jack's kids as support, saved the Rachni Queen again, had Liara decide on how to describe her in the time-capsule, talked Mordin into sabotaging the genophage cure, shot Udina, encouraged Joker to date EDI, brought peace between the quarians and the geth, recruited the Leviathans, and joined Traynor in the shower. Jennifer also, sent EDI to save Captain Riley on Cyone, named Garrus the King of the Bottle Shooters, told Joker that she'd get him two umbrellas, took Liara to the casino, kissed Traynor to prove she was the real Shepard, kicked her clone off the Normandy, and sent Brooks to lock-up. She also told Traynor that her shower was for winners, distracted T'suzsa, then told her girlfriend to hit the showers when she won. She did several other things on shore leave, like keeping EDI from buying a sky-car for Joker, learned how to play the piano from Liara, enjoyed Fleet & Flotilla with Tali, took a wild spin in the shuttle with Cortez, but had to listen to Garrus drone on and on about the Normandy's forward-cannon after he failed to pickup a nice Turian girl. After returning her mom's call, she told Grunt to apologize to C-Sect, and match Ashley shot for shot. Later she prevented Samara from shooting herself. Jennifer saved Jacob and the ex-Cerberus scientists, but he beat her while playing Shattered Eezo in the Citadel arcade. She helped Aria take back Omega, taking Petrovsky in custody in the process, however she didn't give Miranda enough warning about Kai Leng, so she died while saving her sister on Horizon. She still has to go to Thessia.

John-Karl (in progress)
Class: Sentinal
Origin: Earthborn
Reputation: Sole Survivor

More Paragon than Renegade, John saved the Rachni Queen, spared Wrex, but left Kaidan and Captain Kirrahe behind on Virmire. He also saved the Council and recommended Anderson after the events of Mass Effect 1. Having been resurrected by Cerberus, he recovered the captured Cerberus agent's data for himself, and is currently helping Miranda.

Elsa (in progress)
Class: Adept
Origin: Colonist
Reputation: War Hero

Very Paragon, Elsa helped the Consort (and got a little something extra for her efforts), scared off Dr. Michel's blackmailers, go Jenna out of Chora's Den, turned in Schells' Quasar cheating device to Doran, gave Talitha the sedative so she could take it herself and not have bad dreams, negotiated Major Kyle's peaceful surrender, took Ash and Garrus to rescue Liara, and told Nassana Dantius that she killed her sister, Dahlia, the slaver. She also told Rebekah to decide what was best to do for treating her child, stopped Corporal Toombs from killing the Cerberus scientists, tried to arrest Dr. Saleoni, found Wrex's family armor, convinced Conrad that he's more important at home, recovered the Prothean orb, rescued chairman Burns from the L2s, and was only able to spare 11 of the Zhu's Hope colonists. Then Elsa convinced Helena Blake to disband the syndicate, let Tali make a copy of the geth data files, found all of the matriarch writings, discovered a collection of Prothean artifacts, and found all of the turian emblems. On Novaria, she helped Parasini with her investigation, took Liara and Garrus to stop Benezia and set the Rachni Queen free. Later, Elsa saved Terra Nova, but let Balak get away. On Virmire, she spared Wrex, told Rana to run and rescued Ash and Kirrahe, leaving Kaidan behind to set off the nuclear device that destroyed Saren's base. After being grounded by the Council, she told Anderson to hack Udina's computer, and romanced Liara before the assault on Ilos. When they finally cornered Saren on the Citadel, she talked him into shooting himself, and ordered the fleet to save the Council before destroying Sovereign. In the end, she recommended Anderson, ending Mass Effect 1 at level 49. In Mass Effect 2, after adding Energy Drain to her powers, she sent Veetor with Tali, incited the turian to shoot the batarian bartender in Afterlife, helped Patriarch by killing the Blood Pack thugs out to get him, convinced the human looters to stop looting, rescued Mordin's assistant without bloodshed, and found all of the dog-tags at the Normandy crash site. While rescuing Garrus, Elsa made sure the kid at the recruiting station didn't join, sabotaged the heavy-mech, and back-stabbed Kathka. She as acquired the Hammerhead, told Ranna to run before she salvaged Grunt, and rescued the foundry workers while gaining Zaeed's loyalty. She bought fish, killed fish, recruited Jack, and helped Gianna on Illium.
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