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Anne Hathaway as Catwoman?

Well, according to this headline at she is. The article goes on to say that she has nabbed the female lead in The Dark Knight Rises, but that the name of her character has yet to be announced. In short, they're making assumptions, but they're pretty sure Ms. Hathaway will be playing Selina Kyle in the film.

While I'm not exactly a fan of the idea of bringing Catwoman into this mix, it does seem like a fairly logical step. If I remember correctly, handmaiden_yane made a comment sometime in the past (in my review of Dark Knight, maybe?) that Catwoman should be a villain in the next movie. She called it and I didn't, I'll give her that.

Tom Hardy (who was in Nolan's Inception) has been cast as Bane. Should be interesting to see how Nolan brings that character to the screen, although I think we're getting to villain overload, a small part of what killed the Burton-era Batman movies.

Hey, I'm willing to wait and see. :)
I cannot see her as Catwoman at all. They should have casted Natalie Dormer.

Who the heck is Bane?
My research reveals that I probably wouldn't mind Natalie Dormer. :)

Bane, is, more-or-less, a steroid-like drug-addict who broke the Batman's back in issue #500 back in the mid-90s. He was also in the awful Batman and Robin movie featuring George Clooney, Arnold Schwartzeneger, and Uma Thurman.
She is fierce. ;)

Did Batman recover? Will they break his back in the movie?

He was? I never saw that film. Who played him then?
Batman did recover. You have to realize this is comic books we're talking about. You can't kill characters in comic books no matter how hard you hit them with a crowbar!

Be thankful that you never saw the film. Unless you want a really good laugh (or if you need a reason to scratch your eyeballs out), then by all means, go ahead. Bane was under some sort of wrestling/dominatrix mask the whole time, so I think he was played by some no-name. I think his dialogue mainly consisted of grunts and growls.
I think she'll be able to handle it. She isn't afraid to do a variety of roles, so this might be an interesting challenge for her. I'm willing to give her a chance. :)
Oh, it's not really her ability I doubt. It's just her suitability in terms of looks and whatnot. I guess I'm just used to the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman.

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Better the Michelle Pfeiffer version than the Halle Berry version, I guess. :)

EDIT: One more time to show-off my icon-creating "skills." :p

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I don't see her pulling it off. She doesn't have that Catwoman aura at all. Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar, and Michelle Pfeiffer definitely did. Now if they wanted to put Harley Quinn in the movie (I know, not a comic canon character), I could see her in that part.
I had a conversation with my friend about this yesterday, and then about the neo-Batman franchise in general. We concluded to leave "The Dark Knight" in its own untouchable category and hold Nolan to making a movie as good as Batman Begins. If he can accomplish that much with his script and his cast, I'll give him his fair share of accolades.

I like Anne Hathaway, and I think she's more versatile than people realize. Selina Kyle has always been the most fascinating Batman character for me (mostly for her ambiguity as a villain, plus I love cats) so if they are exploring her character, I won't kick up a fuss. All I know about Bane was from Batman and Robin so obviously I can't speak much to that, but I did like Hardy in Inception.