not really. They do in mexico though.

@ a car dealership in mexico, a guy told us that people sometimes like to play with the exchange rate. You give them american money when the exchange rate is low, they convert it for you when it's high, they get a profit. I've never gotten anyone in china to accept it though...

Then again, Shanghai =/= all of china.
Good to know.

I'm going with a tour group to China (Bejing, Shanghai, and somewhere else I can't think of right now) for a week in April and it was mentioned that we could spend US currency, but I was a little skeptical about that. I guess I'm may have to get me some yuan(?) afterall.

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Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun! Yeah you definitely want to get yuan and lots of it, preferably with a credit company that does international exchanges or you will not like the exchange fee... cash is your friend. Also are fanny packs. There may be pickpocketers, but more importantly, you will find your personal space violated in ways you have never imagined in those cities. :) Also beware of peddlers, spitters, drunken crowd shovers, and food that taste sandy. And whatever you do, make sure you spend a day at least away from any tourist groups, and just wander the cities with a map and some cash. It's so worth it, and you won't get lost... the city (Shanghai at least) is very well marked (esp. since the expo). Oh and never ask what you're eating, unless you're cool with that. Finally, when people yell at you, it's 50/50 as to whether they hate your guts or love you like you're family, so just smile and go with it. Hope you have a lot of fun!