BBT: Headache

thoughts on last night's TV viewing

Big Bang Theory: Why does it not surprise me that Penny has Sheldon's mom on speed-dial? I get where they were going with the Bollywood number, but it just didn't work for me.

Wipeout: I should have watched more of it. That second to the last obstacle was new and looked kinda tough.

Perfect Couples: There's a reason this thing is a mid-season replacement, because it sure as heck ain't going to get a full season. It's only a tad funny, none of the actors are appealing (although I'm pretty sure Olivia Munn is going to get more work.). It kinda looks like it's trying so hard to be original and clever that it's not original or clever. Yawn.

CSI: It was good to hear and see Gil Grissom again and to learn more about the character's backstory (we finally meet his mom!) with him barely being on the show. Good work by Jorja Fox during this episode, but why does Marlee Matlin always have to play a woman with a stick up her ass? She was very bitchy in this episode (no surprise being that Gil's wife (Jorja) was suspecting that Gil's ex (Marlee) was a murder), but still!

Tonight, Smallville FINALLY returns and more Clone Wars!

And maybe a vampire movie in there somewhere.
The parts that made me laugh the most were Sheldon and Penny's acting classes.
I didn't like the secondary story line. And I do think Raj is gay.
The Bollywood number made me cringe.
"Hi, Mrs. Cooper, it's Penny. I think I broke your son." :)

I did like the small portion of Leonard trying to figure out how the Sci-Fi Channel's new spelling should be pronounced.