POTC: Cookies!

Top 50 candies of all time!

For a holiday that relies heavily on candy gifts, Valentine's Day heart-candies are kinda lame. With that in mind, USAToday entertainment blogger Whitney Matheson ranked her top 50 candies of all time today. Here are some highlights:

48. Circus peanuts -- Unrelated to real peanuts, you either love or hate this orange marshmallow confection.

47. Wax lips -- I know: not a candy! But, for some reason, trips to the candy store were more fun if they included a pair of giant fake lips.

45. Pop Rocks -- Candy that explodes in your mouth is a pretty rad concept. (And no, your insides won't burst if you mix it with Coca-Cola.)
(I've seen that episode of Mythbusters!)

16. Skittles --They really do taste like the rainbow. (And, once upon a time in my young life, they tasted nice in a Zima adult beverage.)

3. Snickers -- Hands down, the best candy bar ever created. (It also has the best name of any candy bar.)

2. Hershey's Kiss -- Just enough milk chocolate to help you get through the day.

1. M&Ms -- Yep, the No. 1 candy melts in your mouth and comes in peanut, dark chocolate, pretzel and other varieties. The simple treat dates back to 1941 and, no matter what advances in the candy business await us, it will certainly be around for a long time to come.

And, at #31, Pixie Stix: "When biting is too much of an effort, just mainline the sugar in straight-up powder form."
The best V-day non-chocolate candies are the cinnamon hearts though! I think they get more neglected here, though, and are more common back home in Canada.