CougarTown: Who me?

Thursday TV in review

Okay, something of substance this time...

I kinda liked Big Bang Theory, although there were times where Sheldon's comments were more down-right mean than quirky. The Blossom/Penny relationship seems to be working well. I wasn't all that surprised by Howard's chauvinistic attitude after he moved in with his girlfriend. Was it just me, or was Raj talking in the presence of women (besides his sister) without the help of alcohol?

I didn't see much of Wipeout since BBT took up the first half-hour and I just plain-old forgot that it was on. Too bad that the one lady who made it to the Wipeout Zone had to drop out before her attempt because of an old knee injury. Hey, just to make it that far is something, if you ask me.

CSI wasn't too bad. The Laurence Fishborne storyline with the trial of the serial-killer was pretty good up until the killer escaped from prison! WTF?? The Justin Bieber storyline... well, at least the kid knows how to play the drums, because I'm not really impressed by his acting. He did a good job of dying in a hail of gunfire, tho'.
Just saw the BBT episode! I think there was only that one line Sheldon said that was terrible and he got properly chastised for it. You're RIGHT about Raj! Maybe he's drunk on chauvinistic anger? I can't wait until they develop a romance for him, who's now the only single one left.