Disney: China

Airplane Movie Grades

Hainan Airlines had movies-on-demand for their passengers, and I watched six (three coming and three going) during the my flights. Here are my grades for these edited for flight/television versions of the following films.

Easy A: Likeable, but tried too hard to be something it wasn't. C+.

Life as We Know It: Not too terrible, just okay. Scores points for Kathrine Heigel in the bath scene. C+.

16 Blades: Chinese movie, I'm not sure what happened (something about the emperor's seal?), but kinda cool. C+.

Tangled: My second viewing, first in 2D, I didn't review it here, but I gave it 4-stars on Facebook, so that would give it an A here.

Megamind: Okay, it's just that I can't get Michael Jackson's "Bad" out of my head ever since I seeing it! C-.

True Grit: This probably would have worked better in a better enviroment, but I liked it. B.