Mass Effect 3: Earth is burning

Where in Mass Effect and MTV mash, and Kanye West gets bashed

A Fan Mix is basically your personal soundtrack for a game, movie, fictional-relationship and things along that line. Basically,it is a mix-tape without the additional awkwardness of presenting it to someone else.

I take that back, some people do share their Fan Mixes with others. I've downloaded a couple from the Mass Effect lj-community, and they've been pretty good and have introduced me to some pretty cool songs like "Cosmic Love" by Florance and the Machine, "Breathe Me" by Sia, "Engine Heart" by Mirah and several others.

I've assembled a Mass Effect Fan Mix for myself, picking songs from my own music library as well as plucking individual tracks from some Fan Mixes where I may have liked one or two of the tracks listed. This week I finally saw videos for two of the tracks in my mix: "E.T." by Katy Perry and "Till the World Ends" by Britney Spears (please don't hold those selections against me). The video for Britney's song is pretty straight-forward where kids are escaping to a rave in the sewers as the city is bombarded by asteroids or something like that. It fits almost perfectly with Mass Effect, especially with what we've seen of Earth as it is being attacked by the Reapers in the trailer for the game. It ends with Britney poking her perfectly-styled hair out from a manhole as the skies clear and sun comes out. Outside of Brit's hair, there's nothing too exciting to get, well, excited about.

The Katy Perry video is not nearly as straight-forward. First, it's the mix with supposed "musical genius" Kanye West on it. While he makes an appearance, he is pretty much a non-factor in the video, his opening and bridge rap turning a fairly funky tune into a painful pestilence on the ears! Why? I mean it, Why?? Someone tell me why Kanye is so highly acclaimed? I probably get Tu-Pac, Kurt Cobain, and that Sean Combs guy, but Kanye West? Seriously??

Otherwise, the video throws Katy floating through the galaxy in amazing Lady Gaga-style outfits, eventually finding her robot/alien boyfriend as the sun rises (or sets, I only saw the video once), her skirt blowing aside to reveal that she has giraffe-like legs. Kinda like something out of a Darren Aronofsky movie.

And my point? Eh, I just needed to write something. :)
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I absolutely love Katy Perry's E.T. song for Mass Effect because it is so perfect for Thane/fem!Shep or Garrus/fem!Shep or Liara/male!Shep. It's crazy how relevant it is! haha

Also, I hate the Kanye mix of that song. It's so pointless. He adds nothing to the song and the song is definitely better without it.

Aaaand, I love Florence + the Machine!