knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

TV on the internet on my gaming system? Pretty cool!

XBox 360 just added access to Hulu Plus on their system, and it's pretty cool. Lots of old TV programs and currently running series' and some movies that I've never heard of, too. Lots of NBC, ABC, and FOX shows, but not a hint of CBS or Warner Brothers shows. No Chuck or Big Bang Theory (I don't think) and no old episodes of Magnum, PI, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, or Murder, She Wrote for that matter. The commercial interruptions are limited to 30 or 15 second ads, so that's a definite plus, pun slightly intended.

It's free until May 6th (more of which I'll get into later), so I think they've put some restrictions on it. For example, I rewatched all of Season 2 of Cougar Town this weekend, but I can't access Season 1. :( I don't think that's the same for every TV series they have, but that's a bit of a bummer.

Season 1 of WKRP in Cincinnati is available, however the music being played is not the same licensed music that originally aired on the show, which is what happened when they put the show out on DVD in recent years. The distributor's arguement goes (and this is done for a lot of shows) do you want to pay $30 for a season on DVD with the wrong music, or do you want to pay $80 for a season on DVD with the right music? That's a tough question. The Keen Eddie DVDs didn't have the licensed music when I bought that season, but WKRP is about a radio station! You need to use the music they played! The music in several season actually contributes, in a round-a-bout way, dialog to the scene!

One other downside is that the free week is sponsored by Jack Links Beef Jerky, so every program you click on starts with one of those annoying (and a little offensive) Messin' with Sasquatch spots. But, on the upside, Keira's Chanel ad that I posted a while back appears in its 30 second format every now and then.

Worse thing is that I know that this is like dealing drugs: give them a free sample and get them addicted, then they'll pay for it.

Will I?

Maybe, maybe not, we'll see.
Tags: bbt, chuck, cougar town, dvds, internet, keira, television, video games

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