knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Today's big announcements!

I guess the announcement regarding the details surround the Blu-ray release of the Star Wars Saga was so big that the servers crashed this morning, so I didn't see or hear any of the details until later today. I'm kinda... underwhelmed by what was announced. I expected some big two minute trailer/ad telling us what's on it, instead they put together some sort of unimpressive flash-presentation with incentives to share for the opportunity to "zoom" into more, whatever that means, and a press release. C-, Lucasfilm. Granted, I'm still getting the entire saga. I'm hoping that I'll have an HD-TV by September, and since my PS3 is only good for Blu-Rays and giving away my credit card info (/snark), I'll definitely be playing them over and over. I'm not throwing out my DVDs, tho'.

I'm not really worried about Bioware's surprise announcement that Mass Effect 3's release has been pushed back to first quarter of 2012. Granted, I'm a little disappointed, but if they got calibrations to make, then by all means, keep calibrating. (Thank you, Brandon Keener (voice of Garrus) for bringing that joke to my attention.)
Tags: internet, mass effect, star wars, video games

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