knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

What a crap weekend.

Rain pretty much all day, not a whole lot better today, either.

The Mariners were suppose to play the Cleveland Indians this weekend, both 1pm games, which meant 10am here on the Pacific Coast, so watching baseball would have been a nice start to my days. Alas, both games were rained out!

Stuff that I needed or wanted to get done I got done yesterday (laundry, groceries), plus I bought Bulletstorm, which has Commander Shepard (Jennifer Hale) yelling at me at one point that she will "kill [my] dick!"

Don't play Bulletstorm when little-Sussie or Grandma Jean are in the house. Profanity-laced doesn't begin to cover it! There's swearing and then there's over-over-the-top-senseless swearing, and Bulletstorm is full of the latter. It's not in every conversation, but it's in a lot of them. I'm trying to picture Garrus and Wrex in the middle of a fire-fight using the amount of profanity the characters in this game use! Liara would blush so hard that she'd turn purple!

Outside of the excessive foul language, it's a pretty cool, intense game.

At least there's the new Pirates movie coming out next weekend. I didn't like the 3D on Thor at the local theater (it seemed that it was under-lit since they glasses were having a sunglasses like effect on my vision), so I'm planning to head to a theater in Pasco that which is usually better.
Tags: baseball, mass effect, movies, potc, sports, video games, weather

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