All I read about C6 yesterday were complaints, so I felt like saying something.

I guess they were sticking to that old assumption that you're not a Star Wars fan unless you're complaining about something. :)
I'm feeling kind of awkward at the moment since I'm one of those who just complained about the handling of CVI in my LJ and now I'm seeing this post on my "friends page"... honestly, I would have much appreciated hearing your opinion about CVI without the passive aggressive name calling...

However, it IS your journal, so it's your choice.

I of COURSE love going to the SW Cons... And I absolutely adore the fandom- I have since I was 10. Please don't think that I, or many others in fact, in any way, enjoy being disappointed about news relating to something we love so much... In fact, it REALLY bothers me- and stresses me out. I've felt torn about CVI all weekend.

Considering that, and that I've been to the last 4 SW Celebrations (and particularly relevant- to CV- the same con center CVI will be at/the same con you did NOT attend, correct?)... I feel like my feelings, good, bad, or "whiney" are pretty valid.

dats my 2 cents. :P
Like I told Emma, every comment I read the day of the announcement (be it livejournal or elsewhere) had a large element of complaining, which disappointed someone who wasn't able to make it to last year's Celebration and really would have liked to.

Attending the Celebrations aren't a requirement to be a Star Wars fan (and they shouldn't be!) so don't let the prospect of attending or not attending stress you out. At least they're giving us more than a year advanced notice to make our arrangements if we plan to attend.

Heck, I'm not even sure if I'll be able to make it this time around, too, but I'd sure like to. It'll be a while before I'm able to make my final decision.