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Mass Effect Monday: What I've learned

I'm probably going to take March 6th and 7th of 2012 off from work, because 3/6/12 is the release date for Mass Effect 3!

First off, if you're not a member of the masseffect livejournal community, you should be, because someone lovely person has posted's videos about Mass Effect here, which is very convient, plus is the source for much of what I learned today.

I'm usually not one for buying Collector Editions of video games, but here is what the $80 CE of ME3 will contain:

-Exclusive Collectable Tin featuring male and female Shepard
-Exclusive 70-page hardcover art book
-Exclusive N7 Fabric Patch
-Exclusive 4x6 Lithograph
-Exclusive Squad Appearance Pack
-N7 Hoodie for Shepard
-Robotic Dog - a faithful companion to keep you company on the Normandy [thanks for the fish]
-Exclusive N7 Arsenel pack - N7 SMG, N7 Shotgun, N7 Sniper Rifle & N7 Pistol
-Exclusive Extended Soundtrack
-Dark Horse Comic Book
-Additional Downloadable Mission and Character
-Normandy prop for XBL Avatar
-Bonus Avatars and More

The game is also Kinect compatable, allowing you to select dialog-options and give voice-commands, although I may wind-up stumbling over my tongue (if I decide on getting Kinect) saying, "Singularity!" That's not an easy word to say!

What are my favorite parts? That's hard to say. I thought the omni-blade was cool (which got a big reaction from the audience!), but it's just seeing some of my favorite characters back in action that has got me excited.

-Captain Anderson helping Shepard escape the Reaper invasion!

-Ashley aboard the Normandy, laying down cover for Shep and Anderson! I think the new guy, Vega, is also at Ash's side in that clip.

-Garrus and Liara alongside Shep helping Mordin rescue a female krogan (aka: the Krogan Princess)! Wrex is somewhere there, too!

-Legion driving the getaway car after Shep pisses-off what seems like a sleeping Reaper! One of the coolest portions of that segment is of Garrus knocking down a Cerberus operative from behind as he takes aim at Shep's back. Then Liara finishes him off with a shot to the skull!!

(btw, what's the Shadow Broker doing out of her Lair and galivanting about the galaxy?? And Cerberus is working with the Reapers???)

-Joker and EDI are back at the helm of the Normandy! I like the tone of urgency in EDI's voice as they make their first strike on the assumed Reaper base.

There is a lot of temp music, and what sounds like temp voices (Mordin doesn't sound quite right), but Mark Meer's Shepard sounds really good this time around, so I can't wait to hear Jennifer Hale's rendition of Shepard.

This is going to be a looooong nine months!
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