knight_ander (knight_ander) wrote,

Last weekend...

I was in Seattle last weekend and at one point Saturday morning I made a spontaneous trip to the Seattle Aquarium (hey, there was a line, I got in, I'm a Star Wars fan). And outside of the Finding Nemo flash-backs, the clown fish, the jellies, the enem- enam- enamies (or however they're spelled) there were otters! Sea-otters that looked like they just got up from a wild night and were still feeling the after-effects of it, and river-otters who just wanted to sleep in all morning. Plus, if I knew sache8's address, I might have gotten her a shirt or two from the gift shop.

Despite rumors, it's always sunny in Seattle!

clown fish
Marlin is still looking for Nemo!

inside the aquarium
Kelly Chambers has a lot of work ahead of her.

Sea otter
"Somebody get me an aspirin."

River otters
"Let me sleep-in for once, please!"

items in the gift shop
I don't know how big of a fan of otters sache8 is, but I'd think she'd probably already have something like these. Or not.
Tags: animals, disney, movies, seattle, travel

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