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Last weekend...

I was in Seattle last weekend and at one point Saturday morning I made a spontaneous trip to the Seattle Aquarium (hey, there was a line, I got in, I'm a Star Wars fan). And outside of the Finding Nemo flash-backs, the clown fish, the jellies, the enem- enam- enamies (or however they're spelled) there were otters! Sea-otters that looked like they just got up from a wild night and were still feeling the after-effects of it, and river-otters who just wanted to sleep in all morning. Plus, if I knew sache8's address, I might have gotten her a shirt or two from the gift shop.

Despite rumors, it's always sunny in Seattle!

clown fish
Marlin is still looking for Nemo!

inside the aquarium
Kelly Chambers has a lot of work ahead of her.

Sea otter
"Somebody get me an aspirin."

River otters
"Let me sleep-in for once, please!"

items in the gift shop
I don't know how big of a fan of otters sache8 is, but I'd think she'd probably already have something like these. Or not.
Those are SO CUTE. Thanks for sharing... otters are one of my favorite animals, and those shirts... I almost want to see if the gift shop takes online orders, assuming those aren't just kids' sizes. (Kids always get the best shirts...)
(Kids always get the best shirts...)

That is true. At least I can get away with getting the cool toys in Happy Meals without me even having kids! I always have fun doing that. :)