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YY#70: Job requirement

YY#70: Job requirement

I came to a simple conclusion during my last two trips to Seattle: if you work in the food-service industry, you must have at least a week's worth of beard if you're a guy, or tattoos, piercings, and/or wildly-colored hair if you're a gal. I noticed this at the various coffee shops and restaurants I went to where the male employees typically had a couple weeks of growth on their faces, or the gals had tattoos peaking out from under their sleeves or piercings in non-traditional places or slashes of unnatural-color in their hair. Not that I find anything wrong with this (although I did notice a disturbing lack of hair-nets at Dahlia's Bakery Workshop), it just came off as something distinctly Seattle.

And if you're wondering if Kit, a Starbou Coffee employee, has any tattoos... well, she's not telling. :)
Tags: food, seattle, toonlet, travel

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