Life: Internet

Oh, Internet, how I missed you

I haven't had any internet at home since some time late Wednesday morning and it's been driving me nuts! Usually it's just a short one day or several hours outage, but this was painfully long! I can stand pulling myself away from the internet by intent, but having it ripped away from me with no explanation? No pre-determined time of renewal? That's agonizing!!

Basically my internet (and cable) come bundled with my rent. All I have to do is plug an ethernet cable into the wall and I'm surfing the web. Yesterday, after a day's wait (kinda hoping someone else would call the internet service company) I finally made the call for help and basically got an "everything looks fine from our 24-hour service hub," wherever that maybe. So this morning I called the building manager (and got the assistant instead) and asked if they'd make a service call to have someone come out and fix the problem (apparently the "24-hour service hub" couldn't arrange that themselves). Apparently I wasn't the only one having this problem (even though the "service hub" made me feel like), so management made a call or something and by the time I got home, the internet was up and working!

Good thing, too, because I was getting pretty grouchy and grumpy at work, people were beginning to notice!