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Some rather useless music video and album cover first impressions

Could you tell who this person is on first glance?

It's Shakira from the video for her latest release "Rabiosa"! I did not realize that was her at first when I saw it, too, but there she is under a flirty brunette-bob. Now I'm all confused, because if her hair is as long and blonde as it typically is, how did she stick it under THAT?!?!?

And then there's my first glance at the cover of Beyoncé's new album, 4.

She sure looked like Britney Spears to me.

EDIT: I just thought of a good question... which one is wearing a wig: Shakira or Beyoncé?
Shakira is naturally a brunette. its probably easier for her to go the other way and wear a long blonde wig if she wants to go back to that look, but I think she is prettier with the brown.
I knew she was a brunette, so I was thinking that way too. So many people think that the long-blonde look is her real, everyday hair, but I'm willing to bet that it's not entirely natural.

Okay, quick question. Which one is wearing a wig? Shakira on Beyoncé?