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LotSB vids you may not have seen, because I haven't

So, if you romanced Liara in Mass Effect 1, romanced a different squad-mate in Mass Effect 2, complete the suicide mission before doing LotSB, then do certain Paragon interrupts during LotSB, Liara gets, well, a little upset.

Let's say you romanced Miss Lawson and her low-cut jumpsuit in ME2....

MEOW! (I love it when she rolls her eyes on "Miss Lawson")

Or maybe Garrus is calibrating more than the Normandy's guns with your FemShep....

Or is FemShep more interested in seeing Jacob with his shirt off....

Or trying to take the place of a dying man's wife....

Liara also accuses Shepard of trying to get under Tali's mask and tossing her aside for a tattooed woman with anger issues!

That's one of the things I love about Mass Effect 2, no matter how many times you've played the game, it's always a little bit different.

Only eight more months.
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